Under TASHA’s philosophy “from ancient wisdom to groundbreaking remedy” that reflects our determination to preserve ancient wisdom “Thai Curcumin” while we also value innovation of the “Encapsulation technology” to enhance the efficacy of curcumin extract for better absorption and better results. This lead to what so called “Groundbreaking remedy” that TASHA Miracle Serum infuses a multitude benefits for whatever your skin type is in only one convenient formula that will elevates your skin with anti-aging and brightening results.

TASHA has invited a group of millennials with their unique character to join our project “TASHA MUSE” that we have collaborated with Add Peerapat Wimolrungkarat as known as “ADDCANDID”; well-known photographer & Thailand Leica Ambassador to reconcile each of TASHA MUSE identity & thought under the concept of #PreserveAndValue through a set of photography that reflect a deeper meaning of TASHA’s philosophy “From ancient wisdom to groundbreaking remedy”.