1. What is orange beads in TASHA Miracle Serum

The orange beads in TASHA Miracle Serum is the curcumin extract produced with our innovative “Encapsulation” delivery system enhances absorption for better, deeper results. Curcumin is immersed within the skin’s matrix, working on a cellular level to fend off free-radicals, reverse the signs of aging & even out skin tone for a healthy radiance.

2. How to use TASHA Miracle Serum

All you need is a few drops of serum to cover your face and reap the benefits. Dispense 2-3 drops into the palm of your hands or directly to your cleansed face. Gently press serum into the skin, making sure to achieve full coverage by working around the cheeks, jawline, neck, nose, chin, and forehead, avoiding the eye area.

3. Is TASHA Miracle Serum enough for moisturizing the skin

TASHA Miracle Serum infuses a multitude of benefits to your skin in one convenient formula. Our serum has proven anti-aging, anti-redness, and anti-wrinkles credentials. Mature, sun-damaged complexions see visible results within 4 weeks, with brighter, more radiant effects seen within 8 weeks of continued use. Youthful skin is transformed sooner, with our universal formulation revealing a revitalized complexion in as little as 2 weeks.

4. Is sensitive/ acne-prone skin allergic to TASHA Miracle Serum

Dermatologically certified by one of the world’s leading UK-based labs, Alba Science Ltd, TASHA Miracle Serum’s results are backed by the latest scientific research and technology. Within 30 days, TASHA Miracle Serum delivers a noticeably lifted and rejuvenated appearance.

5. Does TASHA Miracle Serum contain chemical ingredients

Powered by potent plant-based extracts, nature is at the heart of TASHA’s Miracle Serum. Our blend of 6 carefully selected skincare actives work together synergistically and free from SLS, SLES, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Perfume and Paraben, our serum thus enhances your complexion for an unparalleled youthful radiance.