Breakthrough Formula

A miracle serum for phenomenal results

Deeper absorption, better results..

Our innovative encapsulation delivery system enhances absorption for better, deeper results. Curcumin is immersed within the skin’s matrix, working on a cellular level to fend off free-radicals, reverse the signs of aging & even out skin tone for a healthy radiance

More than a Vitamin C Serum..

Formulated with a skin-transforming combination of Acerola Cherry with Curcumin, TASHA Miracle Serum elevates skin with anti-aging & brightening results. With 30x more Vitamin C than oranges, Acerola Cherry reduces the signs of aging by boosting collagen & promoting elasticity for plumped up, radiant skin.

A Multifunctional Formulation

TASHA Miracle Serum infuses a multitude of benefits to your skin in one convenient formula. Lab-tested by world-renowned, UK-based facility, Alba Science Ltd, to deliver science-backed results; our serum has proven anti-aging, anti-redness and anti-wrinkle credentials. Mature, sun-damaged complexions see visible results within 4 weeks, with brighter, more radiant effects seen within 8 weeks of continued use. Youthful skin is transformed sooner, with our universal formulation revealing a revitalized complexion in as little as 2 weeks.

Essential Digital Age Protection

Protein-rich Arctalis Marine Actives and Buddleja Officinalis Flower Extract deliver essential digital age protection. Shielding from the harmful effects of blue light, from both technology and UV rays, skin integrity is restored for a stronger, well-hydrated, more youthful complexion – no matter where your day takes you.