Our Brand Story

Through blending plant-based actives with skin expertise, TASHA was born. Steeped in tradition and supported by science, we’ve captured everything that skincare should be and more.

Authentic Natural Origins

World-renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant-rich Curcumin is at the heart of TASHA Miracle Serum’s unique formulation. Preserving the purity of mother nature with our encapsulated curcumin extract technology, we ensure our formula delivers truly transformational results. It begins with sourcing the highest-quality ingredients. Our Curcumin originates from the brightly colored turmeric root, found in the nutrient-dense soils of Thailand’s rural terrains. It’s these ancient farming practices that preserve Curcumin’s unrivaled properties to optimally restore your skin’s vitality.

Understanding your skin’s needs

We have an intricate understanding of your skin’s needs. From keeping up with your busy schedule to defending your skin against daily stressors, TASHA Miracle Serum is designed to protect, strengthen & brighten.

Our philosophy is to develop products that work with your skin. It’s why our blend of plant-based extracts supports your cells, to fortify and enhance your complexion.

And when it comes to aging, we understand the frustration of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our serum features a combination of time-tested anti aging actives, formulated to stimulate collagen and elastin so you can radiate youth and confidence.

Efficacy + Simplicity

There’s beauty in simplicity.

TASHA Miracle Serum’s multitude of benefits keeps up with the demands of your skin. From proven anti-aging results to brightening, soothing & revitalizing properties, we’ve infused TASHA with everything your skin needs and more. It’s about efficacy and minimalism. Stripping back complex regimes and replacing them with multifunctional products formulated with ingredients that count.

The result? Skincare that seamlessly integrates into the busiest of routines, and a complexion that glows every day.

Ancient Thai Wisdom

Eastern extracts meet potent plant-based actives.

TASHA pairs skincare expertise with our ancestor’s innate knowledge of nature. Inspired by generations of traditional Thai remedies, our Miracle Serum is infused with ancient wisdom. Through our modern-day formulations, we’ve captured the true healing essence of nature.

All in one powerful plant-derived & science-backed formula for total skin revitalization.